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Welcome to pinup_stillness, a contest centered on the illustrations of pinup girls of the mid 1900's. There is no nudity in the pictures provided, however the themes may be mature in nature, i.e. suggestive poses and loose tactfully placed clothing. Anyone can join the community, but the owner of this community hopes that all users who do join are of the appropriate age and personal maturity.

winter_kismet: moderator + maintainer + banner maker


[01] Right now, 3 icons per challenge.

[02] Cannot use the same picture twice.

[03] Everything goes except animation.

[04] Keep to LJ standards. *

[05] Must be new icons. **

[06] Use SRC and URL when posting.

[07] Do not use LJ to host icons.

[08] Submit your entry/entries as a comment to the original challenge post, otherwise it could be lost.

[09] Join the community to see challenges!

[10] All comments will be screened so only you and I will see your entry.

[11] If you just want to join to vote, that's fine too.

[12] HAVE FUN! Remember that this is a game, and while you may not win this week, there's always next week.

* Tip: If you are unsure if your icon meets requirements, open it in web form and right click. Choose preferences and it will come up with the width by height px size as well as the file size.

** We work to keep all entries anonymous by taking the following precautions: We save all entries onto our own photobucket account and label them different names as well as list them in separate orders so that no two icons by the same artist are next to one another. This way, you cannot right click to find out who's photobucket account the icon is on, and it gives you a wider view of the different styles of those who submitted. We are serious about keeping this community 100% honest.

All icons should be submitted in this format:




Challenge Posted: Thursday after Midnight (EST)
Challenge Ends: Thursday @ Midnight (EST)
Voting Begins: Thursday after Midnight (EST)
Voting Ends: Friday @ 10 pm (EST)
Winners Announced: Thursday After Voting Ends (banners included or soon after!)


Week 01, Winner: nutteratnutwood - [ banner ]
Week 02, Winner: sidelchick87 - [ banner ]
Week 03, Winner: copellia - [ banner ]


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