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Vintage Pinup Girl Stillness [entries|friends|calendar]
Vintage Pinup Girl Stillness

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A pin-up girl or pin-up model is a model whose mass-produced pictures see wide appeal as pop culture. Pin-ups are intended for informal display. Pin-up girls are often glamour models, fashion models, and actresses.

"Pin-up" may also refer to drawings, paintings and other illustrations done in emulation of these photos (see the List of pinup artists). The term was first attested to in English in 1941; however the practice is documented back at least to the 1890s.

The “pin up” images could be cut out of magazines or newspapers, or be from postcard or chromo-lithographs, and so on. Such photos often appear on calendars, which are meant to be pinned up anyway. Later, posters of “pin-up girls” were mass-produced.

Why Members Only?

There is no nudity in the pictures provided, however the themes may be mature in nature, i.e. suggestive poses and loose tactfully placed clothing. Anyone can join the community, but the owner of this community hopes that all users who do join are of the appropriate age and personal maturity.

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Members Only! [31 May 2007|04:08pm]

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